Urban View is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle that enables you to conduct reconnaissance in remote or arduous terrain. This light-weight, compact, readily-deployable system for IMage INTelligence (IMINT) is ideal for detecting everything from breaks in wiring to pipeline leaks. The complete system comes equipped with Electro-Optical and Infra-Red cameras, capable of detecting people and energy loss from a distance of 500 meters and fits in a backpack. It can be hand launched and recovered in fully autonomous mode.

The system can be deployed for day or night operations with equal ease in the harshest terrain or environment. Urban View is equipped with comprehensive safety features to minimize any accidental damages or injuries to anyone operating the equipment. Its sharp turning radius makes it easy to manoeuvre in low flying or obstructed areas.

  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Payloads
  • Communications
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Main Features

  • Fully autonomous operations with pre–set search patterns
  • 1–2 man operation
  • Dynamic re-tasking and blending of stove-piped missions
  • Ruggedized Ground Control Station for harsh environments
  • Electric propulsion – covert operations
  • Low noise, Low visibility, Low operational footprint
  • Zero tool assembly of airframe
  • Select and Install Daylight, IR imagery payload
  • All terrain launch and recovery

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Specifications

Maximum Take off Weight< 2 kgs
Time to assemble< 5 minutes
Operational footprint1 – 2 soldiers and a backpack
Total weight of the system15 – 20 kgs
Endurance> 60 minutes
Range> 10 – 15 kms
PropulsionElectric motor with foldable propellers
Power sourceRechargeable Li-Po batteries
LaunchHand launch
RecoveryBelly landing
Minimum speed40 kmph
Cruise speed55 – 60 kmph
Mission capabilityFully autonomous
Maximum continuous winds40 kmph
Life cycle200 flight landings on rough terrain
Operational altitude300 to 1,000 ft
Service ceiling15,000 ft
Wing span1.5 m
Total length0.8 m
Climb rate> 4 m/s

Four swappable Payload Nose options

  1. Front and Side Look Daylight Dual Camera

    • Side look camera with optical zoom capability
    • Lock on tracking capability
    • Detection range: 500 m (man), 2000 m (vehicle)
    • Identification range: 300 m (man), 850 m (vehicle)
  2. Two Axis Stabilized Gimbal Daylight Camera

    • Stabilization Axes: Azimuth and Elevation
    • Integrated Retract Mechanism
    • Lock on tracking capability
    • Detection Range: 200 m (man), 300 m (vehicle)
  3. Front Look NightVision IR Camera

    • Detection range: 450 m (man), 874 m (vehicle)
    • Identification range: 150 m (man), 219 m (vehicle)

Communication Links

  1. Telemetry Data Link

    • Full Duplex Digital Data Link
    • Jam Resistant (FHSS)
  2. Video Downlink

    • Analog Downlink
    • Digital COFDM Downlink (optional) with encryption available


  • Urban View Brochure (pdf) – 3.48 MB download