Altius Mk-II is a medium altitude (< 15,000 ft), medium range (up to 150 kms LOS), fully autonomous, mission programmable fixed wing UAV. The Altius Mk-II system offers ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition & Reconnaissance) capabilities at Brigade level through integration of a variety of payloads. The sensor suite is modular and offers flexibility in types of missions to be accomplished. A stabilized dual sensor gimbal pay load is integrated with Altius Mk-II to carry out missions in all light and weather conditions. The Ground Control Station consoles are functionally interchangeable and allow highly interactive mission planning, re-tasking, play-back and operator´s mission training.

  • Features
  • GCS
  • UAV Specifications
  • Payloads
  • Communications
  • Downloads

Main Features

  • Fully autonomous operations with pre–set search patterns
  • In-flight waypoint update capability
  • Modular airframe assembly, carried in standard LMV
  • Wet Wing
  • Ruggedized and expandable Ground Control Station
  • Low IR signature
  • Takeoff and landing on unprepared runway
  • Modular and expandable payload bay improving range of missions
  • Indirect fire targeting support
  • Optional satellite communication to extend range and penetration

Ground Control Station - Twin Console System

  • Options for vehicle mounting
  • Modular software
  • Embedded training and simulation portal
  • Joint variable message format/NATO format compatible
  • Searchable digital archive and retrieval system

Vehicle Operator Console
  • Flight and situational awareness
  • Full mission and payload planning
  • Integrated auto-launch and auto landing
Payload Operator Console
  • Auto search, Point-at-coordinates,
    rate/position command, autotrack
    marking of searched areas, metadata

Unmanned Aerial System

Endurance8 – 10 hours
Maximum Take off Weight80 kg
Propulsion systemPropeller driven 2 stroke engine
Fuel typeGasoline / Avgas 100LL
Range125 – 150 kms (LOS)
350 kms with satellite Datalink and Video recording onboard
Dash Speed>160 kmph
Minimum Speed70 kmph
Maximum Winds55 kmph (˜30 kts)
Cruise speed110 kmph
Mission capabilityAutonomous programmable
Take offRunway
Service Ceiling12,000 ft
Operational Altitude1500 to 8000 ft AGL
Life cycle>4000 hrs flight or 500 landings
Climb rate>2.5 m/s
Time to set up<60 minutes
Operational footprint3 trained operators and 1 vehicle portable GCS
Wing span5.5 m
Length3.2 m
Take off runway length<100 m on unpaved path
Fuel capacity24 – 40 litres
Payload Capacity10 – 20 kg
Airframe Weight35 kg, advanced composites
  1. Four Sensor package (reconfigurable options)

    • Line of sight stabilization < 50μrad
    • Field of regard greater than half hemisphere
    • Built-in automatic target acquisition, extraction/tracking feature
  2. Day TV

    • Field of view with zoom: 22.5° to 1°
    • Manual and automatic control options
    • Tracking coverage in complete field of regard
  3. Optional Laser Spotter / Designator
  4. FLIR

    • Operational waveband: >6μm
    • Multiple field of view optics
    • Automatic Gamma correction/auto focus
  5. Laser Range Finder

    • Range Performance: >4 km
    • Range accuracy and resolutions: 5 meters
    • Repetition rate: >1 Hz

Communication Links

  1. Telemetry Data Link

    • Point-to-point full duplex jam resistant digital microwave communications between sensor platforms and control terminals
  2. Video Downlink

    • Analog and Digital options


  • Altius Mk-II Brochure (pdf) – 2.95 MB download