The SkyView 50 Aerostat system is an ideal airborne persistent surveillance system. Its flexibility in deployment and scalability ensures that it can meet most mission requirements.

The SkyView 50 Aerostat system is modular in nature and allows users to configure the system to meet their specific requirements. The modularity also allows components to be interchanged between most communications systems, reducing the Total Cost of Ownership of the System.

The SkyView 50 Aerostat system is designed to be a tactical first response system. The system can be deployed within 10 – 15 minutes and provides immediate access to high-resolution, high-quality and timely aerial photos and live video for superior situational awareness and resource coordination

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Key Benefits

  • Incredible situational awareness with live video and high resolution still pictures
  • On-station at 400 feet AGL within 15 minutes of site arrival
  • Small storage requirements; one Helium cylinder and a small box
  • Low training requirements
  • Minimal maintenance required

SkyView 50 Balloon Specifications

Balloon9 foot Dual Layer Helium Balloon
Tether100 m Powered Tether
It consists of interwoven strands of a proprietary material and has a 3000 lb/sqin break point. It provides power to the Payload and also relays the images and videos
WinchThe system is launched and recovered by means of a battery powered electric winch cum guide
Safety DeviceThe Balloon is equipped with a GPS and barometric safety device, which initiates a controlled deflation in case the balloon breaks free from the tether.
Lift Gas*The Sky View Aerostat uses Helium to generate lift. The quantity of Helium required depends on the size of the balloon.

*Please note Aurora does not supply Helium with the Balloon. If required, we can provide a list of Helium suppliers.

Gimbal Specifications

  • Dual Camera Gimbal with one hot swap bay offering two combinations

    • Sony low light camera (Standard resolution), and 5MP High definition Camera
    • Canon Camera (Live Standard Definition Video, and on-demand 12 MP image)
  • 360° azimuth coverage
  • 90° elevation coverage
  • Speed: 60°/s

Camera Specifications

  1. Sony Low Light Video Camera

    • Illumination 0.00001 lx
    • Standard resolution (NTSC)
    • HFOV adjustable from 10° to 60°
  2. 5 MP High Definition Video Camera

    • Continuous High Definition video
    • Video made available over network
    • Adjustable resolution and frame rate
    • Live view and playback mode simultaneously available at GCS
  3. 12 MP High Resolution Still Camera

    • Live Standard resolution video (NTSC)
    • On demand 12 MP images available to operator
    • Lag 3-5 seconds


  • SkyView 50 Brochure (pdf) – 1.25 MB download