Aurora Integrated Systems is the lead system integrator in India, offering field tested UAS technology. Our systems encompass short range SUAVs to long range tactical systems, rapidly deployable Aerostat Systems, and technologies in Inertial Navigation.

The product line at AIS is supported by niche technology generation at the back end, enabling us to meet specific customer requirements with minimal turn around times.


Urban View – Mini UAV

Urban View is a light-weight, compact, readily deployable system providing real time IMINT for close range covert reconnaissance missions        


SkyView 200 – Aerostat

SkyView 200 – Aerostat is ideal for missions requiring extended deployment periods for day and night persistent surveillance operations        


Altius Mk-II – Tactical UAV

Altius Mk-II system offers ISTAR capabilities at Brigade level through integration of a variety of payloads such as stabilized dual sensor gimbal camera